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Avengers Endgame: Iron Spider-Man Premium Version 1/4 Statue - Queen Studios

Druh zboží (kind of goods):
Socha (statue)
Umělý kámen (polystone, resin)
Limitace a číslování (limitation):
Limitovaný produkt (limited product)
Výrobce: Queen Studios
Dostupnost: in 20 days
35 990 ks
Sledovat produkt Přidat do oblíbených Sdílet

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Avengers Endgame Statue 1/4 Iron Spider-Man Premium Version 51 cm

Statues Marvel

The Iron Spider Armor, also known as Item 17A, was a gift from Tony Stark to Tom Holland's Peter Parker. The armor made a brief appearance in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017). But the Iron Spider didn't see much action until, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Its design is a nod to Ben Reilly's Spider-Man. With the addition of a golden trim, Spider-legs, and an array of intuitive features. This is one of Stark's greatest creations yet.

Spidey is new to the whole Avenger's thing, and when he's in Stark's suits, the webslinger often looks out of his depth. As a reminder that Spidey is just a high schooler. We've decided to do the unthinkable and take off the mask. Our ¼ scale Iron Spider-Man statue comes with Three head sculpts. One with a hyper-real sculpt with full Peter Parker likeness, while the masked sculpts feature the original blue lenses and Instant-Kill mode red.

The 1/4 Iron Spider-Man statue is a movie accurate depicton of Item 17A from Avengers: Endgame. As Parker clutches Stark's Infinity Gauntlet, he squats in his iconic red & blue Spidey armor, with a gold trim. Activating Instant-Kill mode, his eyes light-up red, and four mechanical legs sprawl from his back on to the jagged space rock. The space rock adds a perfect contrast to the high-tech suit, highlighting the intricate detailing in one of Stark's best creations.

Premium Edition: Masked head sculpt + switch-out arm and Infinity Gauntlet*

- Size: 51 cm x 44 cm x 37 cm