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Blue Beetle: Blue Beetle Deluxe Bonus Ver. 1/3 Museum Masterline Series Statue - Prime 1

Limitace a číslování (limitation):
Limitovaný produkt (limited product)
Druh zboží (kind of goods):
Socha (statue)
Umělý kámen (polystone, resin)
Výrobce: Prime 1 Studio
Dostupnost: 04/2025 termín se může změnit
60 490 ks
Sledovat produkt Přidat do oblíbených Sdílet

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Blue Beetle Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Blue Beetle Deluxe Bonus Version 66 cm

Statues Blue Beetle

"My family, that's what makes me strong"

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present DC Comics' latest superhero film installment, joining the Museum Masterline series, here is the 1/3 scale MMBLB-01DXS Blue Beetle Deluxe Bonus Version of the DC Extended Universe movie!

Jaime Reyes was chosen by an alien biotechnological relic, called the Scarab. Once fused with his spine, the ancient relic gave him a powerful exoskeleton armor equipped with advanced technology, allowing him to become the superhero Blue Beetle as he fights crime and takes on supervillains.

At an impressive 26 inches tall, Blue Beetle strikes a fighting stance, his Buster Sword resting on his right shoulder as his left hand is outstretched forward. As always, our artists have done an outstanding job at texturizing the futuristic exo-suit and shading the distinct metallic blue. A closer look shows that the sword is carved with vein-like alien engravings. The statue features vibrant blue energy that courses through the chest emblem, the same shape that is etched onto the body of the Scarab itself, an homage to its power source. The same blue energy shines through the shoulders and thighs - reflecting the integration of alien technology, as the eyes shine a bright amber yellow, all of which are illuminated with LED. The superhero stands atop an extraterrestrial-inspired base, which is also illuminated with LED as the blue energized emblem glows brightly behind the mini-Scarab replica placed in the middle. This extraterrestrial-themed piece is sure to keep you visually entertained.

The Deluxe Version comes with several additional weapon parts, allowing you to expand the storytelling and find the perfect pose for any occasion. A beautifully crafted pair of translucent wings are added as Battle Mode activates. On top of that, two swappable blade arm parts, and two LED illumination-equipped cannon arm parts are included for you to add to his battle-ready stance.

And when you order the Bonus Version from our official online store or any authorized distributor, you will be gifted with a life-size replica of the Scarab!

Whether you are a DC fan or a Blue Beetle fan, be sure to not miss out on this stunning addition to the DCEU's epic summer blockbuster and preorder the MMBLB-01DXS Blue Beetle Deluxe Bonus now! Who knows, maybe the Scarab will choose you next!


- Approximate Statue Size (Wings): [H: 66cm W: 65cm D: 72cm]
- Approximate Statue Size (Left Hand Blade): [H: 66cm W: 60cm D: 87cm]
- Approximate Statue Size (Right Hand Blade): [H: 86cm W: 78cm D: 50cm]
- Blue Beetle alien biotechnology-themed base
- LED illuminated eyes, shoulders, chest, thighs and base
- One (1) Pair of Wings
- Two (2) Additional Swappable Blade hand parts
- Two (2) Additional Swappable Cannon hand parts (LED illuminated)
- One (1) Life-Size Scarab [BONUS PART]