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Looney Tunes 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. Studios Master Craft Statue Bugs Bunny 46 cm

Age rating:
Looney Tunes
Výrobce: Beast Kingdom Toys
Kód: BKDMC-070
EAN: 4711203456278
Dostupnost: předobjednávka
7 302 ks
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Get ready to dive into the world of Warner Bros. as they celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2023! This
legendary studio has been a part of our lives for a century, bringing us endless joy and surprises. And guess what? You've received an invitation to join the party and celebrate with Warner Bros and Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand'!

To make this milestone one to remember, Beast Kingdom has unveiled the new Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary merchandise series. And the first product to be released is a true gem: the highly collectable Master Craft statue series is getting ready for to be launched featuring Bugs Bunny in a highly stylish, limited tuxedo! This iconic character is beautifully sculpted, capturing the cheeky yet endearing character. Bugs Bunny is rocking a stylish tuxedo and holding a tall top hat, making for an absolutely charming pose. The statue is meticulously hand-painted in a limited edition antique bronze finish.

But that's not all! This limited edition statue also comes with a special bonus for fans to enjoy. A faithful
replica of Warner Bros. Studios' water tower, which you can find on Hollywood Boulevard is included to complete the set. With the Master Craft series continuing the long tradition of highly detailed recreations, this collectable is no different. From the weathered look to the iconic shield logo, it's a collector's dream! So, act fast as this exclusive statue is limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide. Make sure to order yours only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Limited to 3000 sets worldwide.