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Masters of the Universe: Man-E-Faces 1/10 BDS Art Scale Statue - Iron Studios

Druh zboží (kind of goods):
Socha (statue)
Limitace a číslování (limitation):
Limitovaný produkt (limited product)
Umělý kámen (polystone, resin)
Výrobce: Iron Studios
Kód: IS95210
Dostupnost: 09/2023 termín se může změnit
7 290 ks
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Masters of the Universe BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Man-E-Faces 25 cm

Statues Masters of the Universe

Climbing on a base formed by mechanical and technological elements, Eternia's heroic warrior of many faces reveals himself ready for action. As a futuristic gladiator, he uses blue armor with lilac details, filled with cybernetic aspects, that cover his arms and legs, and he also brings a big helmet on his head on which his many faces appear in its front opening. Iron Studios present another statue from their successful line based on the classic MOTU franchise with "Man-E-Faces - Masters of the Universe - Art Scale 1/10", the three-in-one hero, part man, part monster, and part robot, remarkable by his distinctive powers and look. The statue presents the same mechanism as the original figure, changing its faces when turning the gear on top of his head.

With the ability to change his faces, from human to monster to robot, Man-E-Faces was originally seen as a villain that terrorized the population of Eternia, not so much out of malice, but out of trauma and survival needs, an outcast feared for his ability to change faces. Captured by Skeletor, that intended to recruit him as one of his henchmen, he was forced to fight against He-Man when his monster personality was controlled by Beastman. Believing his real nature was not evil, He-Man, with the help of the mystic Sorceress, managed to set him free from Skeletor's influence. As a sign of gratitude, he helped thwart an attack from Skeletor on Castle Grayskull, and, after telling his story and finding the friendship and kindness he needed, he joined the royal court as an actor and became an important ally member of the heroic warriors. His ability to change his faces gives him different powers, abilities, and distinctive personalities. With his human face, he is a skilled warrior; with his robot face he has great intelligence, sensor tracking, and the ability to track targets; and when he uses the monster face, he manifests superhuman strength and senses. Man-E-Faces is also an excellent actor, capable of playing different characters.

Size: 25 x 13 x 14 cm