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Original Character by Asanagi PVC 1/5 PaiZuri Sister Paulyne re-run 28 cm

Age rating:
Original Character
Výrobce: FROG
Kód: FROG86099
EAN: 4571467860996
Dostupnost: preorder 2024-09-25
8 843 ks
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Designed by Asanagi, Completing both PaiZuri Sisters!

PZ (PaiZuri) sisters are dressed in skimpy maid outfits and are willing to serve you with anything in between ?

Asanagi's original character "Paulyne", one of the PZ sisters is now available in 1/5 scale!
Adorable Bob Cut fitting the already charming Paulyne recreates an alluring figure with plenty of bust sandwiched between.

A thrilling maid outfit with full back exposure, going to her soft and glossy skin that protrudes from her back, and towards a small rotor inserted into her crotch?
LESLyzerosix is astounding in recreating and expressing Paulyne.
The springy texture of Paulyne's sandwiched chest was carefully sculpted as well.

In addition to her Interchangeable Breast Parts (No Bra), there are many other playful "parts" that can be put on and inserted to Paulyne!

Paulyne comes with a "dildo" and a "champagne glass" while Zuriel comes with a "dildo" and an "ashtray".
You can also replace and exchange the parts of each PZ Sister.
Paulyne's facial expression can be altered by using her Licking Expression Face Parts

Perfectly given title, PZ (PaiZuri) sisters, this is the ultimate pair of sisters with a lot of "amenities" that can be "sandwiched" between the two ?
(Replacement chest parts with the 2 sisters squishing each other, A special Base (large) ,and a Chair to display the 2 sisters that comes with "PaiZuri sisters Paulyne" are usable with "PaiZuri sister Zuriel" as a set)

Lastly, the way Paulyne's crotch is exposed with her cute pink dazzling stringed Shimapan is in contrast Zuriel's.
The chair was inspired from a burgeoise antique furniture. You can enjoy it in your own accord by standing the PaiZuri sisters facing each other or displaying them separately.

Won't you take both PZ Sisters for their services?