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Statue Collectibles pobočka Poděbrady, Film Legends Museum 

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Statue Collectibles pobočka PRAHA, Film Legends Museum 

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Statue Collectibles pobočka KROMĚŘÍŽ, Film Legends Museum 

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Statue Collectibles pobočka KUTNÁ HORA,  Aliens vs Predators Experience Museum

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Aliens vs Predators Experience Museum

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Pans Labyrinth: Faun 73 cm Life-Size Bust - Elite Creature Collectibles

Druh zboží (kind of goods):
Socha (statue)
Limitace a číslování (limitation):
Limitovaný číslovaný product (limited numbered product)
Umělý kámen (polystone, resin)
Výrobce: Elite Creature Collectibles
Kód: ECC18460
Dostupnost: 02/2022 termín se může změnit
61 590

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Pans Labyrinth Life-Size Bust Faun 73 cm

Lifesize busts Pan´s Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth is a dark fantasy film written and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Set in Spain after the Spanish Civil War, the story follows Ofelia, a young girl struggling with her ailing mother and a country in turmoil.

Del Toro got the idea of the Faun from childhood experiences of "lucid dreaming." The faun was altered into a goat-faced creature almost completely made out of earth, moss, vines, and tree bark. He became a mysterious, semi-suspicious figure who gave the impression of being both trustworthy and suspicious.

According to Guillermo del Toro, the Faun is "a creature that is neither good or nature....a character there to be witness and shepherd her (Ofelia) in her rite of passage, but he has no agenda. He doesn't care if she dies or lives."

Elite Creature Collectibles is proud to present our 3rd artwork from Guillermo del Toro's film Pan's Labyrinth, the museum-quality Faun bust. This bust was sculpted according to actor Doug Jones' lifecast and art directed by Steve Wang and del Toro to very fine details.


- Dimensions: 73 x 55 x 12 cm
- Cast in high-quality resin with hand painted details
- Real handmade glass eyes
- Attractive tree entrance-themed display base
- Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by sculptor Miyo Nakamura

Limited to 299 pieces worldwide!