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Statue Collectibles pobočka Poděbrady, Film Legends

Jiřího náměstí 36
Poděbrady, 29001
Czech Republic

Otevírací doba:
po-čt 9:00 -18:00 
pá, so 9:00 -20:00               
ne 9:00 - 19:00 



Statue Collectibles pobočka PRAHA, Film Legends

Sokolovská 1207/226
Praha 9, 190 00
Czech Republic

Otevírací doba:
po-čt 10:00 -19:00              pá, so 9:00 - 20:00               ne 9:00 - 19:00


Statue Collectibles pobočka KROMĚŘÍŽ, Film Legends

Kotojedy 76
Kroměříž, 76101
Czech Republic

Otevírací doba:
po-čt 10:00 -18:00               
pá 10:00 - 19:00                   so 9:00 - 19:00           

ne 9:00 - 18:00       


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Predator: Jungle Hunter Predator Limited Version 1/3 Bust - Prime 1 Studio

Druh zboží (kind of goods):
Socha (statue)
Umělý kámen (polystone, resin)
Limitace a číslování (limitation):
Limitovaný číslovaný product (limited numbered product)
Výrobce: Prime 1 Studio
Dostupnost: 07/2023 termín se může změnit
28 990

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Predator Bust 1/3 Jungle Hunter Predator Limited Version 37 cm

Busts Predator

"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man. We're all gonna die." - Billy

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present an amazing supplement to a previous fan-favorite statue, and an incredible product on its own: the 1/3 scale PBPR-04LM: Jungle Hunter Predator Bust, Limited Version from Predator (1987)!

Poised to be attractive to ardent Predator fans who bought the full-sized MMPR-01 Jungle Hunter Predator Statue, the Jungle Hunter Predator Bust, Limited Version is the Bust everyone has been demanding!

Prime 1 Studio artisans have crafted this bust with the same precision and attention to detail that they devoted to the full statue.

We have outfitted the Jungle Hunter Predator Bust, Limited Version with the look that everyone has been clamoring for: a closed-mouthed, serious Predator! This head will give your Jungle Predator Statue that cunning, analytical look that Predators are capable of...and in fact, make them more frightening! Furthermore, we have equipped this bust with an LED Illuminated Plasma Cannon, so that you can proudly display this beast as it is ready to lay waste to everyone around it.

As a special treat, we have added a MediKit, as shown in the film! Stored on his back, this Medicomp can be opened so that you can see the instruments the Jungle Hunter Predator used after he was badly wounded in one of the MOST badass scenes in the movie: the jungle-clearing scene! Most importantly, this Limited Version is only available exclusively from the Prime 1 Studio Website!

Any discerning connoisseur of the Predator franchise will immediately recognize these busts as an instant legendary classic. So don't wait on getting the Jungle Hunter Predator Bust, Limited Version...his self-destruct sequence is counting down! 3...2...1...

Product Specifications:

- Size: 37 x 27 x 32 cm
- Closed Mouth Head
- LED-Illuminated Plasma Cannon
- Head Compatible with MMPR-01/01DX/01DXS products
- Workable Medicomp with Opening Lid and Tray
- Fully-detailed Display Stand base

Limited Edition of 1500 pcs worldwide.